Tips from the Association of Grumpy Old Fundraisers who know stuff


The following tips come from the Association of Grumpy Old Fundraisers who know stuff!

1. There is increasing demand for (and in places reducing supply of) funds so do even more research to match your needs with theirs.

2. Everyone loves a project so always find appropriate ways of describing what needs to be funded, but be honest.

3. There is a growing understand of and appetite for social investment and even loan finance. So be bold, creative and take, calculated, risks.

4. People are thinking more strategically so help them to think about medium term goals and objectives. Those are usually more measurable which brings us neatly to…….

5. Make it measureable. Find the right measures of outcome and impact and make sure you report successes and failures.

6. Nobody wants to fund “replacement” funding especially where it is a result of cutbacks so look to capacity building and even restructing where cuts will mean changes. However you can be creative and positive about how these changes will deliver different outcomes.

7. Always look to maximise the impact of the investment being made. That doesn’t mean hiding fundraising costs, quite the opposite. Be up front about the whole pound and how the investment will make a measureable difference.

8. Really interestingly many grantmakers are reporting reduced levels of good applications though many are seeing more spam, spray and scattergun approaches. Back to more research and appropriate asks.

9. Whilst Corporate giving is in decline and trust giving is fairly static the lottery funds are increasing. Sometimes the obvious is the right course of action but only after you’ve done your homework.

10. I lied, I just like the alliteration. Though my all time top tip is still relevant. Be curious and ask questions. There are no idiot questions, only ignorance for five minutes or a lifetime.