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Home About Contact Grants to Individuals Grants to Organisations Grants to Expeditions Gilchrist Fieldwork Award Registered Charity No. 313877 NB Next round for funding is February 2020, so please do not ask for application form until the end of the year. Grants to Organisations Applications from organisations are considered [...]

Allan and Nesta Ferguson Charitable T...

The Allan & Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust primarily funds projects which support the Trust’s interests of education, international friendship and understanding, and the promotion of world peace and development. The Trust aims to support projects both in the UK and abroad, and supports charitable organisations situated in the UK and over [...]

Bruce Wake Trust

The Trust aims to support smaller UK registered charities in their work both in the UK and overseas. Particular regard is given to those working with young people, the disabled and the underprivileged, although most areas of charitable work are considered on their merits.  In pursuit of these aims, the current grant making policy is as follow [...]

Marsh Christian Trust

The Trust focuses on providing funding which could help small organisations pay for various running costs, such as volunteer expenses, training days, equipment maintenance and other core outgoings. Our funding strategy is to provide long-term core funding for such costs, as we understand that many of the organisations we support depend on unr [...]

Edward Smart Charitable Trust

The Edward Smart Charitable Trust gives grants to charities to support the education of disadvantaged young women in the UK and India. We welcome “one-off” grant requests for up to £5,000 with no repeat funding within three years.

(WALES) executive coaching from The I...

At The Institute of Fundraising Cymru, we’re piloting a new executive coaching programme for individuals and small groups in Wales who want to develop their professional skills and invest in their charity. Our coaches are experienced in fundraising and income generation and will work with you to address any fundraising issues you may have, or [...]

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