Six golden rules for writing grant applications

Here’s the 6 golden rules to writing good grant application from the GRIN Newsletter


RULE #1: Read the eligibility criteria carefully. It’s amazing how many people don’t!

RULE #2:  Answer the specific questions asked by the funder – your application won’t stand a chance of being considered for a grant bif you go off on a tangent, so be disciplined.
RULE #3: Write passionately about your work. Be factual but also enthusiastic and positive.
RULE#4: Share your users’ perspective – what difference will your project make to the people who will benefit?
RULE #5: Edit, edit and edit again! Focus on what the funder needs to know and be ruthless in cutting out unnecessary information.
RULE #6: Make sure you submit any additional documents requested by the funder. 

These rules have been provided by a successful bid writer with over 30 years experience in the field.