People’s Postcode Trust

The Trust’s Small Grants scheme is open from 1st October to 30th October for proejcts in Wales, Scotland and London

They like to support innovative and engaging projects of up to one year in length that bring a positive impact to local communities. Grants are available between £500 and £20,000 (£10,000 in Wales).  The larger and longer the project the the greater size of grant can be requested.  The amount requested should be directly related to the strength of the long term outcomes of the project. Non charities can apply for up to £2000

See their website for more info


Through community development and the advancement of citizenship, projects should empower individuals and groups of people by providing them with the skills they need to effect change in their own communities.

Advancing community development involves creating opportunities for the community to learn new skills and, by enabling people to act together, helps further social inclusion and equality.

They are looking for projects that engage local communities and leave a positive long term impact beyond the duration of funding. They especially welcome applications for projects that are focused on improving life for disadvantaged groups and encouraging their inclusion within society