Oakdale Trust Deadline

The Deadline for the next round of Funding from the Oakdale Trust is 1 September.

Support is primarily intended to help Welsh charities engaged in social work, medical support and medical research.  Some assistance is given to the arts, particularly where there is a Welsh connection, as well as environmental conservation projects in Wales, penal reform and for UK-based charities working in developing countries. Average grants are £750

An official application form is available on request. However, applicants are free to submit requests in any format so long as applications are clear and concise, covering aims, achievements, plans and needs supported by a budget. Applicants applying for a grant in excess of £1,000 are asked to submit a recent set of audited accounts only if not already available on the Charity Commission web site. Applicants should provide a web address where supporting information is available online.

In order to minimise waste, large organisations in particular are asked to submit one application only per trustees’ meeting and also to avoid sending in duplicate applications.

Rupert Cadbury, Oakdale Trust, Tansor House , Tansor , Oundle , Peterborough, PE8 5HS Telephone:01832 226386