Local Climate Resilient Futures

This call is seeking expressions of interest for action research projects to support the development of local climate resilient futures, including an inbuilt evaluation of impact.

Further Information

We wish to fund two/three projects which will bring together local authorities, communities and other agencies to develop strategic responses to climate change, in areas which are particularly vulnerable, and likely to be disadvantaged by climate impacts.

The aim is to improve local community resilience in different contexts across the UK. We anticipate this may involve:

Identifying the issues of concern in the localities in question, in light of the possible consequences of climate change;
Facilitation of dialogue and engagement between relevant stakeholders, to identify how to move from a position of vulnerability to resilience and to consider the roles and responsibilities of different parties in achieving this;
Supporting the development and delivery of strategic responses, including specific actions which will address climate resilience in equitable ways;
A report and evaluation assessing the impact of the work.
Deadline: Monday 8 September 2014, 23:59 hours

The budget: Up to £100k per project (including
VAT/expenses) two or three projects (depending
on scope), £200k in total JRF funding

Timescale: Up to 2 years, starting January 2015

More information available here