Heritage Lottery Fund

The Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) sustains and transforms a wide range of heritage though innovative investment in projects with a lasting impact on people and places.

HLF awards a range of grants from £3,000 upwards via the following programmes:

Start-up Grants (From £3,000 – £10,000) aimed at helping in the early stages of planning group and / or project activities.

Sharing Heritage (£3,000 to £10,000). This programme is for any type of project related to national, regional or local heritage in the UK and will disburse grants in the range.

Young Roots (£10,000 to £50,000). This programme is for projects led by young people. It aims to involve 13-25 year-olds in finding out about their heritage, developing skills, building confidence and promoting community involvement.

Transition Fund (£10,000 to £100,000). Transition funding is available to UK organisations that want to achieve significant strategic change in order to become more resilient and sustain improved management of heritage for the long term.

Our Heritage (£10,000 to £100,000). This is their general small grants programme for all types of heritage projects. It is a flexible programme particularly designed for voluntary and community groups and first-time applicants.

Heritage Grants (Grants above £100,000). This is their main programme for grants over £50,000 for all kinds of heritage that relate to the national, regional and local heritage of the UK. It is open to all not-for-profit organisations. o Grants for Places of Worship (Wales) (From £10,000 to £250,000) Funding for urgent, high-level repair work to listed places of worship. The scheme is managed separately in each of the four countries of the UK.

Townscape Heritage Initiative (£500,000 to £2 million) Townscape Heritage Initiative makes grants that help communities to regenerate Conservation Areas displaying particular social and economic need.

Landscape Partnerships (£250,000 to £3million) This programme supports schemes that are led by partnerships of local, regional and national interests, which aim to conserve areas of distinctive landscape character throughout the UK.

Parks for people (£100,000 to £5million) Parks for People is for whole park projects that support the regeneration of existing designed urban or rural green spaces, the main purpose of which is for informal recreation and enjoyment.

Heritage Enterprise (From £100,000 to £5million) This programme supports enterprising community organisations across the UK to rescue neglected historic buildings and sites and unlock their economic potential. Each programme has different criteria, application processes and deadlines.

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