Are you considering using a fundraising consultant?


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·      Cost effective – The cost of my services is recovered many time over in the grant or income generation. I will save you time hunting for grant opportunities, and I’m familiar with most of the large grant programmes

·      Speed – I can concentrate on completing the work for you without the distraction of trying to run and manage an organisation. This is especially useful when last minute opportunities arise and senior staff do not have the time to dedicate to an application

·      Specialist knowledge – I have built up considerable knowledge in all aspects of fundraising from grants to donations through to legacies and social enterprise.

·      Added value – I share ideas and solutions to problems I identify and can link you with other organisations or initiatives

·      Fresh perspective – I bring an external view on your work; often able to see strengths in your work which although every day to you, maybe new and exciting for a prospective funder

Return on Investment

Looking at all funding Eye services over the past 2 years, which include services such evaluation, training and mentoring support, the average Return On Investment for this time is £47 for every £1.

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