Where can I find funders?

One of the most common questions I’m asked is ‘Where can I find funders?’


Your local CVC should be able to provide you with a funding search; most likely from Grant Finder or similar searchable database. You can buy your own subscription to these but they are not cheap both in excess of £100 per year, and considerably more for Grant finder.

You can also run your own searches using Funding central (run by NCVO) and a limited free service through GrantNet. Some areas such as the Brecon Beacons have a subscription that local organisations to that area can make use of to search for grants.  You just need to provide a postcode to do the search, and it will identify funders who fund regionally and nationally. http://www.grantnet.com/index.aspx?pid=0E2DB160-744E-42F7-A7B4-E6FAEF272C32&

Funders can also be found from WCVA monthly Newsletter and also other CVC across England.  CCW have a bi-monthly newsletter that you can subscribe to.

Whichever source (s) you use you are still going to need to go through each possible match to check suitability to your project. In addition I would suggest you check the funder on the Charity Commission website, take a look at their accounts to see they type of organisations they have previously funded and the size of donations.

Good luck with searching