This year’s Volunteering Wales Strategic grant will build on the work carried out in the initial pilot.  Projects will work to unlock the potential for further embedding and/or upscaling of co-ordinated volunteering.  Grant requests are welcome for projects up to 12 months with a value of between £50,000-£100,000.

Grant aims

This fund will enable a small number of strategic investments (between four to six) to build on and learn from new or enhanced approaches or initiatives. Enabling the progress that has been made during the pandemic to be further explored and ‘hard wired’ into ongoing work.

Grant objectives

Unlocking the strategic potential of volunteering over the longer term by:

  • Identify the strategic need and explore new volunteering opportunities or remove barriers to volunteering;
  • Explore partnerships within and between the third, private and public sector;
  • Support the upscaling of strategic infrastructure and volunteer organisation to embed emerging good practise;

Undertake thorough learning around equality and inclusion in volunteering and how this impacts communities and their engagement;

Strengthen partnerships;

Lever further investment both financial and non-financial.

We welcome applications from projects that will actively include or work for the benefit of asylum seekers and refugees.

For more information please read the full scheme guidance here. To apply please visit https://map.wcva.cymru

The organisations that were successful under the 2021/22 grant round can be found can be found here.

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