Do you want help to evidence need in your grant application?

A lack of evidence to support the need for a funding application is one of the most common reasons for an application being turned down. Applications needs a mixture of local evidence (surveys and consultations), personalised stories to provide the emotional impact of the work, and statistics and data from official sources to provide a solid case for support.

Funding Eye provides a service to gather this information for you., saving you time and providing you with a fact file to use in future applications.

I will gather data from a range of official sources including NOMIS, Deprivation Index, and Census. Alongside this I will identify how your work fits in with local and regional strategies. I can also  help you undertake consultations of your community/ members to evidence local need and analyse the data for you, this can be through online/paper surveys, internet polls and focus groups.

From this I can then write a compelling case for support that you can use in your applications. For more information please get in touch





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