Wales – People and Places – same but different!

Community consultation and participation is now central to success.

“Working together, people and communities will use their strengths to make positive impacts on the things that matter to them the most” – this is their overarching aim

the criteria is now based on:

  • Your community has been involved in the planning of the project and has influenced it’s design and will continue to help shape its delivery.
  • Your project will build on the strengths already present in your community and fill a gap or complement other services and activities.
  •  Your project will make a positive difference in your community.
  • Your organisation is best placed to deliver and achieve the planned outcomes and has the appropriate links within your local community.

The form has also changed slightly, to give more emphasis to thee issue.

There is now much more need to do the initial work in the community to prove there is a really community need and that this is what the community want; and they will be involved in its running/delivery

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