W.G. Edwards Charitable Foundation

The W G Edwards Charitable Foundation is an independent grant-making charity, which assists with the provision of care and aims to improve the wellbeing of older people in the UK. The Foundation gives grants to capital projects, refurbishment and for equipment, in addition to innovative schemes for ongoing care and projects which help people live active and fulfilling lives.

The aim of the Foundation is to improve quality of life and Trustees consider applications which make a difference to people over the age of 65. The Foundation supports organisations which promote a proactive approach to physical and mental wellbeing. Trustees make donations to charitable causes at their discretion, within carefully considered criteria laid down by the Founder.

The Foundation was established to support capital projects and innovative projects but is unable to assist with running costs or salaries

Grants are given to UK-based charities that can demonstrate how they are making a difference to peoples’ lives. Trustees will also consider making donations to registered charities based in the three Crown Dependencies.

Grants are loosely divided into Health and Community categories.

Health and welfare

The Foundation gives grants for refurbishment of residential care housing for the elderly and for building projects which are nearing completion. Trustees also consider the provision of equipment and furniture to enhance care and improve quality of life.

Community and innovation

The Foundation supports community initiatives such as exercise classes for the over-65s, lunch clubs, horticultural therapy and day trips. We also consider grants for technology projects aimed at benefitting the over-65s, however we do not fund IT for staff/volunteers

Approximately 70 organisations each year are successful in obtaining grants usually between £1,000 and £3,000. The average grant is £1,70


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