Tudor Trust update…

This year, the Tudor Trust is focused on applying what they’ve learned from past grant-making to create a future-oriented, resilient strategy. The trust aims to support small charities and grassroots organizations in the UK, particularly those committed to social, racial, and economic justice. A significant change this year was the departure of long-standing trustees, paving the way for a more diverse, non-family-led governance structure. This included recruiting new trustees through an open process to enhance diversity in experience and leadership.

The new trustees, including Derek Bardowell as the upcoming Chair, bring varied skills and perspectives that are vital for shaping Tudor’s strategy. There’s a commitment to developing a strategic plan involving all stakeholders, with a focus on justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. This plan will consider all aspects of Tudor’s work, from grant-making to operational policies.

Internal updates and further recruitment are underway, aiming to transform Tudor into a relational funder that strengthens grassroots initiatives. Although temporarily not accepting new grant applications, Tudor continues to support over 500 existing grantees and values stakeholder engagement for strategic development. The trust invites everyone to stay updated through their newsletter as they share more about their evolving plans



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