Triangle Trust 1949 Fund

The Triangle Trust 1949 Fund offers funding for specialist community and voluntary organisations working with carers or the rehabilitation of offenders or ex-offenders within the UK.

Development Grants provide funds towards any costs incurred by the applicant in undertaking its core business so that sustainable income sources can be developed and the organisation’s income will not be reduced when the grant comes to an end.

Grants are available for up to £40,000 or 50% current annual income, whichever is lowest, per year for three years. The amount requested each year is expected to taper down as applicants develop other sustainable income streams.

Registered charities, not-for-profit social enterprises and community interest companies that are working within the UK and have a UK office are eligible to apply.

Applications for organisations working with the rehabilitation of offenders and ex-offenders are being accepted with a deadline of 6 November 2014 (noon).

For organisations working with carers, the online application form will be available for submissions from early March 2015.

More information on the website.