I have three new training courses

Better bids –
The course aims to improve your confidence and rate of success in writing funding applications – you will learn the common reasons why bids fail (and how to avoid them), how to prepare a strong case for funding and persuasive techniques and the role psychology can play in an application
Crowdfunding –
A basic course to help you set up and run a crowdfunding campaign. It will look at the different platforms available and how to plan and run your campaign. Whilst simple to set up – a successful campaign need careful planning to secure the money – the course will share the secrets of successful campaigns
Online fundraising
An overview of the many different ways in which you can raise money online and the opportunities and pitfalls. It will help you take a more strategic approach to online funding, thinking about who your donors are and how to reach them, together with the information on your site to persuade them to give

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