Tips for Lottery funding

When putting applications together for the Lottery; I have found the following pointers to improve success; – Keep it simple – keep to a simple aim for the application; this allows you to repeat / reinforce the message of the application. The more complex you make an application and the more you try to do, the easier it is for the key message to get lost – Work backwards form the outcomes – the outcomes are an important part of the assessment, and need to flow through all the application. You need to ensure the need you describe will be addressed by the outcomes. – Use a range of evidence. Local statistics, research, how your work relate to local strategies, quotes, etc, When using evidence from consultations, add how many people you spoke to and importantly how their views influenced the project – Use tables; these help to explain the work and how it relates to the need and outcomes. Again these can make presenting a lot of information more straightforward. I also use a table to show have the activities of the project relate back to the outcome – Repeat and reinforce the key message – without doing overboard; make sure you repeat the key message / change your application is seeking to make. When explaining the need ensure the needs that you are giving relate to the aim. There is always a temptation to put lots of peripheral information down, which although factual and describes the work of the organisation, this can distract from the key need you are addressing.