The Lloyds TSB Foundations

The Lloyds TSB Foundations is now receiving applications for the 2013 calendar year

From the Foundation……..

For our main community programme across England & Wales the budget for 2013 is
approximately £20M. The anticipated spend for Wales is £1,038,042.

We will aim to deliver a minimum of 75 grants across Wales this year.

We look to allocate our funding in relation to population and deprivation. Each local authority
area will have a nominal budget. They will be targeted to receive a certain number of grants
during the year. We are unable to transfer budgets from one authority area to another as we
have done in previous years.

We are looking primarily at a grant range of £10,000 to £15,000. These will primarily be
spread over two years.

We are specifically interested in smaller and medium sized charities with a turnover of less
than £1M. Whilst there is no fixed upper limit for Wales National charities, we would not
normally consider proposals from National charities with a turnover exceeding £2.5M.

Charities who work with disadvantaged individuals and groups are encouraged to look at our
web site and complete the initial online enquiry when they
have a firm proposal to present.