The Leathersellers’ Company Charitable Fund

The Leathersellers’ Company Charitable Fund provides a wide range of funding to UK registered Charities, Educational Institutions and University Students. Last year (2020/21) they awarded £3,386,462 in charitable and educational grant .

Small grants – This is a fast track application process for small one-off grants (up to maximum of £3,000).Applications are now open (as of 2nd August 2021).
Please see the criteria and further details below before applying via the online form.
• to provide assistance to vulnerable people in their community
• in geographical areas of deprivation (within the UK) – we recognise all relative measures of deprivation as tracked by the Indices of Deprivation or similar tools. We ask you who your work helps and why this is needed for that group or in that area so you can explain the need that exists there.
• with an annual income of under £200,000 (secured for the coming year)

Small Grants Programme

Main Grants are now opening targeted funding rounds

This ACE Funding Round aims to support UK registered charities or charitable incorporated organisations (CIOs) that:
– are operating in the UK in an area of deprivation
– have an organisational annual income over £200,000 and under £2,000,000 (for the coming or current year)
– are working to prevent the occurrence of and/or support recovery from ACEs by providing services to children and young people and/or adult survivors in recovery
– use a trauma-informed approach and evidence-based interventions
– can demonstrate the effectiveness of their approach through evaluation or external research
– are either lived-experience led or can show significant input from those with lived experience
We recognise that some communities suffer from a greater likelihood of ACEs due to systemic barriers. We welcome applications from charities who support under-represented groups.

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