The Cobb Charity

The Cobb Charity offers grants to small charities working throughout the UK and aims to benefit projects promoting a more sustainable environment through education. Eligible education topics include:

     Traditional country skills.

     Recycling.

     Food and health.

     Organic food production.

They do not have a website:

Eleanor Allitt
Cobb Charity
2 New Cottages
Village Street
Leamington Spa
CV33 9AP

E-Mail: el************@bt********.com

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  1. good evening I work in kenya and iam trying to find possible partners on aspects of organic farming for Fairmile which caters for special needs persons.
    We have been using Nutrition as a form of treatment for autistic children.We have succeded in the last thirty years. We would like to work out large scale farming activities to benefit more people who would like to embrace the use of organic foods.

    can we qualify for any assistance , if yes how can we apply. if not do you know other possible partners we can approach.

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