The Beacon Lodge Charitable Trust

The Charitable objectives are:

To provide financial support in the form of grants to other registered charities which promote the care, safety and upbringing of children by:

  • supporting and assisting those in need, their families and carers
  • promoting their welfare and their support; and
  • advancing their education.

Charities applying for a grant from the Beacon Lodge Charitable Trust Ltd (BL) must

  • Be registered as a charity with the Charity Commission or HMRC
  • Have aims and objects consistent with BL’s aims and objects and should relate to our key areas: the welfare and support of children and their parents.
  • Operate within the UK
  • Have a bank account in the name of their organisation.
  • Have an annual income below £500,000
  • Have appropriate safeguarding measures and policies in place.

Apply for a Grant

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