Text Giving

Have you thought about text giving?

Having been looking for this for a client, I’ve found that there is very little helpful information and many providers do not make their costs easy to find.

Two providers that regularly come up well are:


In 2011 JustGiving teamed up with Vodafone to create JustTextGiving, a free service for charities. This is our recommended approach for small charities who want to try text giving. While it’s easy to setup and free to use it’s worth noting some of the smallprint:

  • You don’t get any donor data as standard
  • You have to sign up for a paid JustGiving account to view any data
  • While there are currently no fees, JustGiving reserve the right to change this


Instagiv is a mainstream option that’s been going since 2010. Their website doesn’t offer much detail about exactly how it works but they have some big-name clients and some useful looking services. The fees seem very high though, compared with other options:

  • £25/month flat fee
  • £0.05 per text message
  • 5% commission on donations

More info from – https://whitefusemedia.com/blog/text-donate-when-use-text-giving-charity-and-what-it-costs

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