Terrible pieces of social media advice to ignore!

Ideas from http://www.fusion-media.eu/media/social-media-advice-you-should-ignore/

‘You need to be on every single social network’. Especially if you have limited time and resources! Don’t spread yourself too thin by trying to maintain an active presence on every single social media site. Research and learn about the makeup of the audience that populates each social network so you can figure out where you should focus. If the audience isn’t there, don’t waste your time.

You don’t need email!’ Just because you have twitter or facebook doesn’t mean you should cancel your email accounts! Social media didn’t make email marketing extinct; it just added another integrated channel to make email even stronger. Remember as one of the first steps in signing up for a social media account is usually to provide an email

‘Your prospects aren’t using social media, so you don’t need to be
there’.Remember, all your prospects are using social media, as 65% of adults use social
media. The age profile that use social media is broad!

Use a tool that auto publishes your posts to all social networks at once
to save time!’ It is tempting to do this however it is also a terrible practice. Not only does it look automated, but you should consider that different social media sites favour different types of frequencies of content. For example images do really well on facebook and you can post more frequently to twitter than to facebook or linkedin. Furthermore,
you likely have people who are following you in all three of these networks.

‘All you need is social media’.
Social media does not replace other marketing strategies. Rather, social media is a
new channel for your marketing efforts and works best in conjunction with other

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