Sylvia Waddilove Foundation

COVID–19 Emergency Fund

The Foundation has set up an emergency fund to help small to medium sized organisations who are struggling to manage the financial impact of COVID-19 either because of increased demand for their services or loss of income. The fund is targeted at organisations in a critical position.

Grants are for a maximum of £1,000.

Who can apply:

    • The organisation must be a charity, CIC or registered society
    • The organisation’s income must be no more than £500,000 and have free reserves of no more than £100,000
    • The organisation must operate in one of the following categories:
      • Education relating to non-domestic animals (this includes animal husbandry, veterinary science, animal welfare and surgery, and organic farming). Applications concerning domestic animals like dogs and cats are not accepted
      • Visual and performing arts;
      • Medical research;
      • The relief of disability or severe illness;
      • The accommodation of those in need.
  • The application must relate to the financial impact of COVID-19, starting no earlier than 1 March 2020;
  • Applications will not be accepted from ‘Friend’s-Of’ charities;
  • The applicant’s beneficiaries must be primarily in the UK.

What can the funds be used for:

  • Staff costs and other overheads (except where staff are not required and/or staff could have been furloughed) where income has been affected by COVID-19 or the lockdown;
  • Increased demand for services linked directly to COVID-19 or the lockdown;
  • Changes to working practices, such as the purchase of laptops or remote access technology, protective equipment to work safely with beneficiaries;
  • Deep cleaning of premises because of a confirmed case of COVID-19.

Apply through their website

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