Supporting Third Sector Organisations through Winter (Wales)

Many CVCs in Wales are running this small grant scheme

The grant scheme is for all third sector organisations providing any type of mental health and wellbeing support to all cohorts of the population including older people, people with dementia, carers, children with complex needs, people with disabilities and people with emotional health and mental health issues.

The grant scheme can provide funding for the following areas:

·      Bridging funding for schemes, that have funding expiring before the end of the financial year, in order for them to continue to fund the scheme until 31st March 2022

·      Fund posts / projects where costs are being covered by funds from reserves

·      Provide funding to enhance delivery and / or funding to cover increase in referrals and demand in the service

Please note the grant scheme is not to establish new services given we recognise that this is not achievable with short term funding and the current workforce pressures. 

The funding is available until 31st March 2022.

Contact your local CVC/ CVS for details

Deadline is Friday 17th December

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