Stephen Lloyd Awards -Social Change

The Awards are particularly interested in supporting novel, early stage ideas that address social problems at a systemic level. These are essentially ‘big ideas’ that might not, or cannot, reach the mainstream channels for support or funding.

Ideas may come in many forms. They may be a new start-up enterprise or an extension of an organisation’s existing work; however, preference will be given to entries originating from a start-up or early stage project, rather than initiated within a larger charity organisation. They might be a discrete piece of lobbying work or a high profile campaign; the aim might be to change policy or legislation or to create a new legal form or financial structure, for example.

Award Details
  • The heart of the Awards is the bringing together of experts that can deliver practical, free support to shortlisted candidates as well as Award winners. In addition, funding of £25,000 will be made available to support Award winners in developing their initiatives.
  • At the shortlist stage the Awards will make up to ten awards of up to £2,500 to assist candidates to further develop their ideas.
Eligibility Criteria
  • Anyone resident in the UK, or any organisation or charity established in the UK that has an innovative idea seeking to address a problem systemically, can apply.
  • All projects must be for exclusively charitable purposes (according to the laws of England and Wales).
  • They accept applications from:
    • UK charities running projects in the UK.
    • UK charities that will run or oversee and take responsibility for a project abroad.
    • Other established UK non-profit and social enterprise entities that will run or oversee and take responsibility for a project in the UK or abroad.
    • Individuals resident in the UK who are in the process of establishing a UK charity, non-profit or social enterprise, which will receive any grant awarded and oversee the relevant project.
  • In order for an application to proceed to the next stage, they may need to carry out due diligence work. If they make a grant to a UK-based individual or non-charitable organisation in relation to a project abroad, they are likely to require a higher degree of monitoring and reporting than they might otherwise require.
  • If an application wins a Stephen Lloyd Award and involves the establishment of a UK charity to receive the grant and administer the payments, any grant awarded will only be paid once that charity has been registered.
  • They do not accept applications from individuals resident outside the UK or organisations registered or located outside the UK.

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