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Sporting Capital ( is a new £3m social investment fund that focuses on supporting the development of community sports organisations into sustainable community sport businesses. The idea behind Sporting Capital is to use repayable investment – basically a simple, interest bearing loan – to help community sports organisations to do more, and in particular to create more sustainable revenue and ultimately impact.

They offer loans because it changes the mindset of organisations from being grant focused to looking to generate new revenue streams. There is often grant funding available within sport for capital facilities and what is missing is investment alongside this that supports the development of sustainable revenue.  Creating this revenue ensures the facility and organisation will flourish in the long term.

Key features of the loans are:

-Loans available from £50,000 – £100,000

-Unsecured so we don’t take any form of security or personal guarantees

-Flexible to your needs, repayable over 2 – 7 years with an option for a repayment holiday and no early repayment fees

-Specialist wrap around support provided including access to a peer network of other supported organisations

-Grants available to support organisations to become investment ready, particularly when they haven’t taken on repayable finance before

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Jemma Leathley

Sporting Capital

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