Society of the Holy Child Jesus

Priorities for Support

The Trustees have determined that the current priorities for funding are:

Education – in the widest sense, particularly educational projects that help maximise the potential of those who have experienced social and economic disadvantage
Environmental justice – projects that support the care of the earth and eco-justice. Projects about protecting the world we live in and enabling people to be able to live in a healthy environment.
Social justice – with a focus on food poverty and energy poverty.
Anti-Trafficking – projects that aim to help those who are victims of human trafficking who are escaping exploitation. Those in modern slavery, e.g. forced marriage, forced labour or sexual exploitation.
Refugees, asylum seekers – projects supporting migrants, asylum seekers and refugees.
The priorities in this policy will be reviewed each year and may be changed in accordance with the Trustees view of the most effective application of available funds, at any point in time.

Only one year grants between £10,000 and £25,000


In awarding grants the Trustees will apply the following principles:

Grants may be requested by registered charities in England, Wales or Ireland with an income of no more than £5 million.
You must have been a registered charity for at least one year and have a full set of audited accounts.
The funding applied for must be for projects being carried out in England, Wales or Ireland.
We will only consider one application per organisation, per annum.
The Trustees have collective responsibility for all grant-making decisions in line with the Society’s charitable purposes and reserve the right not to approve any grant not deemed as charitable, that falls outside its priorities, would conflict with the Society’s policies or damage its reputation.

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