Scottish Power Foundation

Applications for the 2024 round of funding will open on Friday 30th June and close on Friday 21st July.

Grants between £35k and £150k – only registered charities


Education, Training and Research

Specific Objectives

STEM: Inspiring young people to pursue qualifications and a career in STEM in order to contribute to energy sustainability.
Raising aspirations: Addressing society’s educational needs by inspiring and challenging the next generation through innovation.

Biodiversity and Climate Change

Specific Objectives

Environmental protection or improvement: Protecting and enhancing the environment
Habitat conservation: Contributing to the protection and conservation of habitats and enhancing biodiversity
Knowledge and research: Developing new solutions to the challenge of climate change

Art and Culture

Specific Objectives

Restoration, development & conservation: Protecting and safeguarding artistic and cultural heritage
Cultural initiatives: Celebrating diversity and cultural identity through the arts

Social Initiatives

Specific Objectives

Economic security: Alleviating poverty, including in-work poverty, caused by the cost-of-living crisis
Economic opportunity: Supporting entrepreneurship and skills development for the most vulnerable groups



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