Schroder Charity Trust

 Please note applications will re-open on Tuesday 4th January 2022.

 The Schroder Charity Trust is an independent grant-making family trust which supports a wide range of charitable activities.  They are unable to give individual guidance on whether your charity is eligible to apply or whether you should make an application, so check their Guidance and FAQ guide

 The Schroder Charity Trust makes grants of up to £5,000 towards core and project costs to charities registered in the UK for work under the following categories: 

  • Arts, Culture and Heritage
  • Education, Training and Employment
  • Environment and Conservation
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Strengthening Communities

The Trustees are particularly interested in applications which can demonstrate the following:

  • Building strong communities and an understanding of how to engage with intended beneficiaries
  • Replicable and sustainable work, rather than one off events
  • Value for money
  • Maximising the use of volunteers
  • Support of older people
  • Support for marginalised/vulnerable younger people
  • The use of helplines and information services
  • Sustainability of funding i.e. the charity will not be solely reliant on a grant from the Schroder Charity Trust for their work.

Full details here

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