Santander Foundation

The Foundation will open for applications in July –

The programme has the ambition to support UK charities to give people the digital confidence, knowledge, and skills to enable them to make better, more informed decisions about money and have access to financial services.  – They want to reach lone parents, single pensioners, migrants and refugees, those with long term illnesses and disabilities,  those struggling to find sustained employment  and households headed by students or part-time workers. These are among the groups most commonly excluded from financial service

They aim to award 12 grants of up to a total of £150,000 per organisation. and award grants over a three-year period

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  1. I am Chairman of Age Concern Chelmsford and we have recently had a hall built on our existing premises in order to provide extra facilities for the Community. There have been a number of people ,especially the elderly, who want to learn about computers. I would love to set up such a computer club and engage someone to run programmes to help them in this electronic age such as banking, emails,, spreadsheets research etc and saw your funding and hoping that we would hopefully fit the criteria for consideration.Thank You

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