Sainsbury Family Charitable Trusts – The Headley Trust

They fund work across a broad area:


  • UK
    Arts & Heritage UK
  • Cathedrals & Major Churches (The Trustees do not wish to fund: Education centres, conferences, exhibition or heritage spaces;Organs, clocks, bells, plumbing, kitchens or heating._
  • Health & Social Welfare – At present, the budget for Heath & Social Welfare grants is fully committed to projects helping with the cost-of-living crisis. Funds for other projects may be available from April 2024.
  • Education


Developing Countries

Development projects that focus on:

Education and employment interventions for women and girls;
Water, sanitation and hygiene and community health programmes in the poorest anglophone countries in Africa;

Priority will be given to locally led organisations employing local experts.
Arts & Heritage Overseas

Conservation and recording of heritage;
Programmes that build the capacity of the cultural heritage sector and engage young people in their heritage in South Eastern Europe (Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia.)

The Headley Trust

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