Rural Community Development Fund

The Rural Community Development Fund (RCDF) offers grants which are primarily aimed at LEADER Local Action Groups and other community-based organisations.

The grants will provide investment funding for a wide range of activities to help meet local needs and strengthen communities so that they can grow and thrive.

Key areas for support will include:

  • drawing up of community / village development plans
  • investments in small scale infrastructure including renewable energy
  • investments in ICT including broadband and digital inclusion
  • improving access to services such as childcare, rural transport and ¬†financial advice
  • investments in recreational, tourist infrastructure and activities to improve health and quality of life.

Important: You MUST ensure you complete the appropriate Criteria and application form for this window, please check the Window dates on the form.

Further details on the application criteria can be obtained by reading the EOI Guidance and supporting scheme documentation.

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