Power to Change

Through the fund, grants will be awarded  between £50,000- £300,000 to community businesses in England.

‘ A community business is a business set up and led by the local community that helps tackle problems in that area. Any profits flow back into the community to deliver positive local impact’. many previous applications have been rejected because they did no meet their criteria for a community business.

Projects must meet at least 1  of their seven impacts;

1. Reduce social isolation 2. Improve health and wellbeing 3. Increase employability 4. Create better access to basic services 5. Improve local environment 6. Enable greater community cohesion 7. Foster greater community pride


Please read their guidance for applicants, and check whether you meet our 11 criteria before applying. The guidance also includes all the questions asked  in the application form and tips on how to answer them.


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