Philip Henman Trust

The Philip Henman Trust offers grants to major UK- based charities, who are concerned with long-term overseas development and who require partnership funding for projects lasting between three and five years.

These grants are split into annual payments (between £3,000 and £5,000 P.A.) with a maximum total of £25,000. Once the grant has been approved the organisation will be guaranteed an annual grant for the duration of the project,as long as receipts and reports are sent back to the Trust in the way that is specified.

Once a grant has been awarded for a particular project, the organisation cannot apply for a further grant in respect of that project.

The Trust has limited funds and so, on average, can only commit to two new long- term grants a year. Therefore, it is important for you to ensure that any project fits our criteria before applying. A successful application will be one that proves the following:

  • The project is being run professionally by an established major UK- registered charity (defined as having an expenditure of over £100,000 PA).
  • Where the project is working within close proximity of children or vulnerable adults, the project is subject to a safeguarding policy.
  • The project is concerned with long- term overseas development. We do not fund projects attending to urgent medical need or other types of emergency.
  • The project will start no earlier than 1st December (following the application process) and will run for no more than five years. We do not fund ongoing concerns.
  • The funding from the Philip Henman Trust is important to the project (we require that our grant covers between 20% and 80% of the total project budget).
  • The project will provide a lasting beneficial impact for the people, communities or environment it seeks to help.
  • The project is being partly funded by other sources. Voluntary work and central- office administration costs can be counted as another source of funding

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