P F Charitable Trust

The Trust was founded in 1951 by banker Philip Fleming, the PF Charitable Trust supports a whole range of charities from across Great Britain. Grants focus in the following areas:

  • The advancement of health or the saving of lives. (this was there greatest area of giving)
  • The advancement of the arts, culture, heritage or science.
  • The advancement of education.

Core and revenue costs are supported, but salaries of staff members are not funded. Last year they awarded over £2 million in grants, including many smaller grants


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  1. All Saints Church, Spelsbury, near Chipping Norton, is notable for the monuments in the chancel to the Earls of Litchfield and their successors at Ditchley Park, the Viscounts Dillon. These make a fine cross section of English funerary art from Jacobean to Victorian times, with especially good Georgian examples of national importance. These were extensively restored in 2010/11.
    Sadly the chancel slate roof is now leaking badly as the Stonesfield slates are delaminating and slipping. The PCC is appealing for funds to repair this. Is the church eligible to apply for a grant from the PF Charitable Trust?

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