Open Gate charity

Open Gate is a small charity set up to support grassroots environmental, technological, and educational projects to benefit small communities, both in the UK and abroad. Schemes advancing social equality and fairness and those designed to become self-supporting will be viewed favourably. Individuals and overseas-based charities are not financed and the trustees have not supported purely medical charities.

The charity’s UK work is concentrated around the North Midlands area where the charity is based, although the trustees may consider requests from suitable projects outside this area. The trust focuses on helping the disadvantaged and disabled, and is able to draw on the experience of trustees in this field.

The charity was registered in July 2000. The trustees hold quarterly meetings to discuss applications. The meetings usually fall in January, April, July and October. Letters of application for grant need to be received six weeks in advance of a quarterly meeting to be included on that meeting’s agenda.

More information on their work here

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