New funding opportunities

 Comic Relief is now open again

There are 5 heading: Better futures, Healthier Finances, Safer lives, Stronger Communities (Accessed through community foundations) and Fairer Society. Grants will be typically £20k-£40k. They are keen to target the poorest communities, and most funds will go to organisations with incomes under £1 million. Project need to demonstrate a gap in provision and ideally be run by those with direct experience of the problems encountered. They are also looking to support partnership working and new ways of working.  More information here 


 Millennium Stadium Charitable Trust

The next round is for Local Schemes ( where projects are capped at £2,500) This scheme will be pen from 9th September 2013. Themes are: environment, sport, art and community.  Full information here 

 The Prince’s Countryside Fund

This will open for applications on Monday 23rd September until Thursday 24th October at 17.00pm.   Funding to have a long term positive effect on rural communities, helping those that live and work there sustain the countryside, by tackling key rural issues.

Grants have to result in things that relate directly to our objectives to:

? Improve the viability of British farming targeting the areas of greatest need

? Improve the sustainability of rural communities targeting the areas of greatest need


In this round (October 2013) The Prince’s Countryside Fund seeks to address and provide funding to tackle four key issues:

? Rural Isolation

? Decline of Rural communities

? Low Farming Incomes

? Lack of access to training

Providing grants that will:

? Improve service provision in rural areas

? Support rural enterprise

? Support farming businesses

? Provide training opportunities for young people

Full details here