New Active Inclusion fund for COVID-19 WALES


A new round of Active Inclusion funding is being launched to help organisations in the struggle against coronavirus – with a simplified and shortened application process.

The Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown measures taken to address it have affected many AIF participants. They have meant that organisations have had to adapt the way that they carry out their day to day activities in order to support both their participants and the wider community.

WCVA has agreed with WEFO that a short, simplified round of AIF funding will be run, to support social inclusion and improved employability prospects. The funding will assist with measures taken to alleviate the crisis  (that are not already funded by other sources), and support activities to build recovery after the emergency period ends.

The fund will support six-month projects with a total cost of no more than £25,000, all with grants of 80%. Applications will be via MAP, WCVA’s multi application portal, and we aim to have projects up and running within 4-6 weeks of submission.  If you do not know your MAP login, then please contact ma*@wc**.cymru.

During this time, we want to make sure everyone stays safe, and everyone feels supported. These are exceptional circumstances, and we want to reassure you that appropriate measures and targets will be agreed: for example, in the first instance we will only be looking to set targets for numbers of participants engaged and achieving ‘positive outcomes’.  We recognise that some proofs of eligibility will be hard to collect under lockdown – we will be flexible and help you to gather evidence once it is possible.

Some projects may focus on activities to help with Covid-19 related services, using participants to help deliver this, eg helping people who are shielded to keep in touch with their families, and therefore adding to their skills and employability.  Others may focus on services to directly support their participant groups, eg by providing telephone and digital support, online activities, etc.

It’s still European funding, but with simplified and shortened processes, and a more interactive approval process: we will keep the forms and the assessment times short, and rely on talking to you to work out any details that are needed to supplement this.


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