Mary Homfray Charitable Trust

The Mary Homfray Charitable Trust offers grants of between £1000 and £5000 to a wide range of charitable causes

Charities must be UK registered, but may operate anywhere in the world. If a charity is in the process of UK registration they may still be eligible by applying via the UK Fund for Charities. Priority is given to charities operating in Wales.

Applications must be fitted on a single page; please keep it simple

Once your application has been submitted please do not chase  the Trustees will only consider your application at their annual meeting each Spring.

They prefer smaller charities where the impact of our money will not get lost. and are unable to support large medical research charities, with the exception of Alzheimer’s/dementia.

If your charitable causes has already received support from the trust in previous years, you should reapply annually if you are seeking further support. Please do not expect continued support as many of the grants are one-off donations.

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