Makerble launches Events and Case Management tools to help charities track their impact.

Makerble, the digital evaluation platform for charities, has launched new tools to help charities track and report on their impact.

Makerble has long been praised for being an easy to use, cost effective tool for nonprofits to track and report on their impact. The platform, which can also be used on the go, has a social media feel, meaning staff find it easy to learn and use.



The new events management tool can be used by local service providers to track attendance at youth groups, support groups and much more. Users can track their attendees and outcomes at the event and the survey tool allows data to be captured easily and gets added directly to the system. Group leaders can also message attendees directly via the SMS tools. 

Case Management

The Case Management tools allow Caseworkers to easily track the different cases they’re working on with their clients. They can add notes and track outcomes on the go, send surveys to their clients and who they’re connected to (e.g. parents, link workers etc.) to track distance travelled.


Real time reporting

Finally, their Boards App allows non profits to see their impact in real time. Boards can be private or public, to share impact data with team members, funders and stakeholders in real time. 


To see a quick tour of Makerble, head to their Youtube Channel or book a demo in with the team here


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