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Charity Pot grants provide targeted funding to small, grassroots groups.  Not just because they are often best placed to make a real difference with limited resources; but also, because they often struggle to find funding.  Almost all the groups funded by Charity Pot have an annual income of less than £250,000 (most are substantially less) and run entirely or predominantly by volunteers.

Charity Pot grants prioritise projects that aim to create long-term change – because it’s crucially important to fund projects that aim to prevent and address the root cause of the problem.  That’s why, for example, priority would be given to a project that aims to stop deforestation (e.g. by challenging the palm oil industry) over one that aims to plant trees to restore an area that’s already deforested.

Charity Pot grants will support ‘non-violent direct action’ groups, i.e. those which have no intention of physically harming others or threatening to do so.  This includes protests, demonstrations, non-cooperation, non-violent interventions, or, occasionally, facilitating (e.g. communication costs) peaceful civil disobedience; because Lush recognise that these non-violent actions can play an important part in bringing about social change.  However, although free speech is a core Charity Pot value; groups or projects that support, incite or promote violence, aggression or oppression towards others would not be funded.  Charity Pot grants do not fund or facilitate law-breaking.

Charity Pot grants also recognise that there is an absolute need for delivering basic life needs and care to those in need (people, animals or the planet).  So, projects that provide aid and support, such as animal shelters and refugee support and advice groups, have also been funded.  However, those groups providing welfare that reaches beyond basic life needs, such as therapies, community social groups, and counselling, would not be prioritised.

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