Local Giving

Local Giving support local charitable organisations to diversify their income through online fundraising. They provide tools, training and advice to help local groups connect with supporters online, improve their digital skills and develop practical fundraising experience

2 programmes they currently run are:

The Crowdfund Wales Programme  is for any established groups with an income of less than £250k who are looking to start raising money online. They help groups to set up an appeal for something of their choice and when they reach £1750, they unlock a match funding grant of £250. For this programme they are offered a year’s subsidised membership and ongoing help. The Promo Code is WALES150


Magic Little Grants is a scheme whereby they are distributing 300 grants of £500 to groups in Wales until October this year. It is funded by the players of People’s Postcode Lottery. It is a very simple application form and groups also get a year’s subsidised membership when they sign up under this route. The Promo Code is MLG2021. This year, the grant themes have been opened up to cover 8 areas as opposed to previous years when it has solely been groups connected to sport.


The quickest route to getting a live donation page is through the Crowdfund Wales Programme. Magic Little Grants take 6-8 weeks to be assessed. Groups can have both, they are not exclusive of each other and it really is a good deal as we offer Gift Aid on all donations, they do not charge commission on any donations under £200 and their membership is normally £96.


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