Literature Wales’ Inspiring Communities Fund

Literature Wales’ Inspiring Communities Fund funding scheme (formerly Writers on Tour) is a unique funding scheme for literature events. It was originally set up by the Arts Council of Wales over thirty years ago. The scheme offers financial support of up to 50% of the fees paid to writers for events including talks, lectures, creative writing workshops and more. These events can take place anywhere in Wales, in community halls, pubs, libraries, schools, youth clubs – and even on virtual platforms for groups who are meeting online.

Literature Wales want to enable more people in Wales to discover the joys of actively participating in literature. We believe that literature, in its great variety, has the power to connect communities and bring comfort, inspiration and hope to those who need it most.

Timetable of closing dates for applications: 

Events taking place in       Closing date for applications
March 31 December
April 31 January
May 28 February
June 31 March

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