Leeds Building Society Foundation

The Leeds Building Society Foundation is now offering grants to UK registered charities.

Since 1999, the Foundation has donated more than £2 million to 3,000 local projects and good causes across the UK. Previously the Foundation provided support to those who were disadvantaged or in vulnerable circumstances. As of July 2022, the Foundation is now focusing on providing support to those in need of a safe and secure home. The Foundation receives funding from Leeds Building Society and from members’ donations via the ‘Your Interest in Theirs scheme’.

They want to provide UK registered charities with grants to support this new purpose, and they’re looking to fund projects that fit within the following criteria themes:

Sustainability – projects that help with fuel poverty, energy efficiency or environmental impact. For example, helping vulnerable households to save money, stay warm and well through energy efficiency home improvements.

Health – projects that help people with heath needs with housing, adaptations or advice, such as handyperson services.
Financial stress – projects that give people tools to reduce money worries, help with bills or debt stress. For example, debt advice services.

Accessibility – projects that reduce loneliness, provide supported living services or adapt homes to make them safer for those with accessibility needs, such as accessible housing or befriending schemes.

Education and advice – projects that support money management, provide advice services and signpost those in need to relevant support. For example, housing advice services.

Security and refuge – projects that support emergency accommodation or make people feel safer where they live. For example, accommodation for people experiencing domestic abuse. Over the next four years, they’re looking to award over £1 million to causes that support their purpose through their grant giving.

Types of Grants:  The grants provide funding to projects that support those in need of a safe and secure home.
Small Grants -Applicants can apply for a minimum grant of £250 and a maximum grant of £1,000.
Large Grants – Applicants for large grants can apply for a minimum of £25,000 to a maximum of £100,000. This grant can be a one year grant or split across two or three years.

They’ll only accept large grant applications from UK registered charities. There are no restrictions on turnover for their large grants.

Small Grants They’ll fund: UK registered charities with a turnover of less than £1 million  Applications for capital expenditure (purchase of items/equipment) Funding requests from organisations or projects based in the UK (up to £1000)

Large Grants They’ll fund: UK registered charities Applications for grants between £25,000 to £100,000 across one, two or three years
Funding requests for organisations based in or delivering projects in Yorkshire or the North East of England
Running costs (rent, utility bills, insurance etc.) Staff and volunteer costs (including full-time and part time staff and project delivery staff.) All staff must be paid at least the Real Living Wage, set by the Living Wage Foundation Project costs Capital costs



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