LankellyChase Foundation – New grant programme

The LankellyChase Foundation is focused exclusively on bringing about change that will transform the quality of life of people who face severe and multiple disadvantage; people who are experiencing a combination of severe social harms such as homelessness, substance misuse, mental illness, extreme poverty, and violence and abuse.

They are looking to support new and daring ideas that will change the following fundamental issues:

  • Many of the services that are supposed to help people operate in ‘silos’ (looking at each need on its own) rather than responding to the ‘whole person’ and that this needs to change.
  • Services are too often set up to respond to crisis rather than preventing problems developing in the first place.
  • There is a need to address the lack of power and influence in the hands of people facing severe and multiple disadvantage.
  • People facing severe and multiple disadvantage are often excluded from the market – the services and activities most of us take for granted, including employment, finance and leisure.
  • Certain discriminated-against groups face even greater disadvantage and this needs to be brought to light and addressed.

There is no minimum or maximum amount of funding available. Funding can be provided for any sort of work, it does not have to be service delivery and can include things like campaigning, journalism, film making or research. The do not fund capital, and will now fund work in London.

There are no deadlines for applications.