Kelly Family Charitable Trust

The Kelly Family Charitable Trust is a grant-giving body founded in 2004 by members of the Kelly family. They are interested in funding charities whose activities involve all or most family members, where possible, in initiatives that seek to tackle problems facing one or more of its members.

Past grants have supported charities working in fields including early intervention, mediation, prison services and services for families affected by sexual abuse, physical abuse and domestic violence, among others.

They generally offer grants worth up to £5,000 – though trustees will consider requests for higher amounts. They will  fund charities’ core costs and encourage applications from relatively new charities to help them become established.

The trustees take a close interest in the progress of the charities they support, and projects shortlisted for grants will usually be visited or contacted by the trust’s grants administrator Stuart Armstrong, or a trustee. The trustees have a wide range of skills and may offer support to funded charities if relevant.

More info on their website

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