Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust – Power and Accountability Programme

Funding to support people to create a world in which power is more equally shared, and in which powerful institutions are responsive and accountable to wider society and aligned with the long-term public interest

1. Strengthening corporate accountability

Large corporations have significant power, and checks and balances are inadequately developed, particularly for trans-national corporations. They are interested in funding work which:

  • develops and promotes mechanisms which increase the accountability and responsiveness of companies to shareholders, stakeholders, regulators and the long-term public interest, for example through improvements to corporate governance, corporate structures (including alternative corporate forms), company reporting or regulation
  • develops and promotes mechanisms whereby those who suffer severely as a result of company actions, particularly marginalised groups, can gain access to justice.
2. Strengthening democratic accountability

In a healthy democracy, government should be representative of the wider public and in touch with a wide range of groups, but not disproportionately influenced by any single interest. They are interested in funding work which:

  • develops and promotes mechanisms which ensure an accountable, transparent and proportionate relationship between the private sector and government
  • develops and promotes mechanisms which enable civil society and the general public, including marginalised groups, to engage appropriately and effectively with government policy making
  • encourages government, parliament and other statutory agencies to be more representative of the wider public they serve.

3. Encouraging responsible media

The media is an important part of a healthy democracy, but media can itself be powerful and unaccountable. They are interested in funding work which:

  • encourages accurate and responsible media, with appropriate safeguards
  • explores and promotes ways for all forms of media to play a constructive role in holding government, companies and other powerful actors to account.

Under this programme, JRCT will consider applications for national work in the UK, or elsewhere in the EU for work at a pan-European level. They will also consider applications aimed at increasing the accountability of the UK government and other UK bodies for the impact of the policies and practices that they pursue within global institutions.

Specific exclusions – see their website

Application deadlines

The next deadline for applications to the Power and Accountability programme is 12 noon Monday 4 September 2017.

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