James Tudor Foundation

The James Tudor Foundation is a grant giving charitable company established in 2004 with the principal object of the relief of sickness.

The Foundation operates primarily within the United Kingdom and prefers applications from organisations that have been established for at least two years and that are UK registered charities or UK charitable incorporated organisations.  They will also consider applications from UK registered charities for overseas projects for the relief of sickness.

They generally supports smaller to medium sized charities rather than large national organisations which enjoy widespread support

The Foundation makes grants for charitable purposes across six
programme areas:
 Palliative care
 Medical research
 Health education, awards and scholarship
 The direct relief of sickness
 Overseas work, for the relief of sickness, undertaken by UK
registered charitable organisations.
 The fulfilment of its charitable objects by other means

Full details here = https://www.jamestudor.org.uk/

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