Gwenyth Forrester Trust

Grants are made annually in March. For the year ended 31st March 2020 grants totalled £984,670. Charities with a turnover of less than £5,000,000 may apply for up to £25,000 toward core costs. For these larger grants  you need to demonstrate an increased need for your services as a result of the pandemic. This category of grants will be funded by the Gwyneth Forrester Trust up to a total of £725,000.

Grants fall into three categories:

1. Annual funding support for three years

2. Disaster relief

3. A theme for the year

Application form can be found here.

Historically both Trusts have had a policy of not accepting unsolicited grant applications, enabling them to provide continuing support to a relatively select number of organisations. However, the Trustees have now decided to encourage applications from a wider range of charities and will look favourably on smaller organisations where we feel our funding will provide vital support to the work of volunteers. Likewise they will look positively on organisations where both overheads and fund raising costs are kept to a minimum.

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